“Everything you can imagine is real.”
// Anoek // The Netherlands //
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I would have rid no one of you. I don't have that power you do. Stop feeling so much for no reason like get over it and yourself. Be stronger. Show people you don't even know your weakness is pathetic.


I know I’m pathetic and you did well to remind me. So thank you.

Geez.. the only pathetic person around in this post is you anon. Making someone you don’t even know feel worse when they are already feeling bad.. is beyond pathetic… Please get your own crap together before judging someone else, thank you.

You’re anything BUT pathetic dear, it’s very much alright to throw whatever you feel out there if it might only have a slight chance of making you feel a little better. Big hug!


I love the Eurovision because the rest of Tumblr just sits around in various states of confusion and Europe is just like